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Tailor-made after-sales solutions. For maximum performance.

MULTIVAC CustomCare solutions comprise a wide range of first-class after-sales products and services, which are perfectly tailored to your requirements. They range from preventative maintenance, machine optimisation inspections and retrofits, through to remote assistance, live support, genuine spare parts, express repairs and of course our Helpdesk, right up to the user-friendly myMULTIVAC Customer Portal, which is your access to the MULTIVAC world.

Our customised after-sales services are specifically designed to increase the output, availability and productivity of your machines. More than 1,000 MULTIVAC CustomCare staff worldwide work around the clock to assure your success and 100% satisfaction.

Comprehensive expertise in packaging solutions.

Ecologically and economically sustainable.

MULTIVAC's expertise in packaging solutions is both environmentally and economically sustainable. Our range of products, systems and customised services ensures that the highest levels of efficiency and productivity are achieved.

At MULTIVAC you will find experts in your product sector, who are very familiar with all the regulations and standards of your industry. Focused on your range of products and target groups, there are almost unlimited possibilities open to you: a wide range of packaging technologies, Industry 4.0 compatible automation solutions, and labelling as well as quality control systems.

Thanks to CustomCare after-sales solutions and digitalised real-time analytical tools such as MULTIVAC Smart Services, we ensure from the outset that maximum operating security, process reliability and line efficiency are achieved. Over the entire life cycle of your equipment.



Be assured of your business success.

Tailor-made after-sales solutions. For maximum performance.